Difference between PSD and PSB Photoshop File Format

PSD and PSB both are the photoshop file formats to save the documents which include all the layers,masks, clipping path and text etc. So what is the defference between the PSD and PSB.

  • PSD stand for Photoshop Document while
  • PSB stand for Photoshop Big or also known as photoshop large.


The two major difference between PSD and PSB are the File Size and Pixels (width and height).

PSD File Format:

PSD is the default extension for saving the document in photoshop. But there are some limitations in this file format. 1st size, you can save the document upto 2GB in this file format. The document which is larger than 2GB cannnot be saved in PSD format. 2nd one is the Pixel (Document width and height) . The PSD file format save the document upto 30000x30000 pixel max.

PSB File Format:

Gnenerally we cannot exceed the limit of 2GB file size and 30000 pixel large document, but in rare cases if  we have a document greater than 2GB or its pixels exceed the 30000 pixel width or height then we are unable to save the document in PSD. We have to use PSB file format which is for large documents.

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