Get Back All the "Save As" Options in newer version of Adobe Photoshop | Difference b/w "Save As" and "Save As Copy"

photoshop save as options

With the passage of time, Adobe makes changes in Photoshop, some of these we like and some of them we hate. 

We’re working in a layered file in Adobe Photoshop and just like we have for years, we choose File and then choose to Save As. Maybe we want to save it as a jpeg. And when we go into the format and notice only four formats are available. Jpg, gif, png, and lots of other formats are missing right now, the reason is those other formats don’t support a layered file. That’s annoying. But there’s an option right next to this is "Save a Copy".

photoshop lagacy save mode

So if we choose to "Save a Copy" now we have all the options and it will append the word "Copy"  to that end of the name when we save, which you may not want. So, if you like the way that works, then just leave it. If you want to go back to how it was or make some changes to that, let me show you how.


Choose Edit>preferences>File handling

We’ve got two options:

photoshop save as, save as copy

One is "Do not Append Copy to File Name". So you can choose to Save a Copy and it won’t add the word Copy to the file name anymore.

The other option is "Legacy Save As". If we turn this on, it just goes back to how it was before.

So it's upon you what you wanna choose.

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